Just passing this along for a friend. It’s an interpretation for the blind and edited for reaching out to a friend who’s lost.

Struggles happen to everyone & they can hugely define your life, in good or bad ways, depending on who is willing to go through hell w/you; sharing your life with someone who works with you, that’s not against you…someone  who builds your ego up as opposed to tearing it down…a partner who believes all your alibis  and sees how truely great you are and threats you like a king.

A person who can see that you’re a super star but they conveniently forget to mention that stars eventually burn out and fall. 

They convince you that they’ll catch you when you fall but everybody knows the truth for it’s posted on every facebook wall. 

She will only catch your dough as you fall.  Remember that you made a bargain with the devil trading truth for all her charms 🤗…🤔

She’s a women that celebrates  your success of monetary gain. A master of deception, but she’ll beat you at your game. She’ll expose the secret of who you really are if she doesn’t get her way. You must meet her every need. 

She’s definitely a big fat fish to feed. 

Entangled in safe-harbor encrypted in a family font typed for you in braille laughing all the way to bank…

She can easily pretend to be happier than I,  because she doesn’t have to live in the shadows of your life;  regardless of what that means, she’s a best friend, or so it seems. She’s a cane for the blind and her perfect smile glows for her teeth are filled with eighteen karat gold.

She’s a partner of your bequest. A deceiver of power, and an attorney of your  soul. 

She’s firmly nested on her golden egg with benefits that bind in crimson red. A calculating interest helps her superficial smile prudent_ial is her goal.

She’s a shoulder to ~lie~ on, a lover, and a friend some say she’s an imposter of insurance with a policy of plans but at least she holds your hand…

See, folks, that’s where it’s at. If you’re unlucky enough to go through life with blindfolds on like me, you’ll find it too, at the end of the rainbow and over the horizon somewhere on the northern side; where glaciers freeze hearts of stone in ice. 

(as some of you may already know…:)  Where integrity’s replaced by imprinted faces in the snow.

Ice statues are her trademark, a reminder of your debt that’s bound by chains and wrapped around your neck.

A note to men like me: never let your wife know that you have traded your commitment for a pot of fool’irsh gold. 

Just walk away and leave her standing in the cold….I did…

By Rainbowles AKA rambow.

Novadose@overdose.CONairunfair.cold = gold. 

Registered trademark of an endless debt to black holes and black widows without souls….🤗


Broken but not defeated. 

Standing tall inspite of them who possess a limited perception. 

Standing as a reminder, an opportunity to grow, to seek, understand, and evaluate its merit.

Beauty is always found on the roads less travelled, hidden… 


Words Are A Matter of perception… 

Words matter…. or do they…? 

Let’s explore this thought for a minute. 
Words don’t matter when spoken in an abstruse parlance; it’s of no consequence to the audience who fell hostage to the laborious speaker who’s only intention is to appear brilliant and legendary. This cosmetic boast renders only superficial words astray of substance and meaning leaving the audience perplexed and depleted. 

Words do matter when spoken with sincerity in thoughtful consideration absent of pride and spoken in humility. It is as music to the ear of the beholder creating an atmosphere of curiosity, and meaningful experiences that embrace the hearts and minds of the audience. It leaves a lasting impression of why words matter, not only for the speaker, but for the audience as well. 

Words are a matter of perception…