If Only I Could Sea

    If I could only wake up from my sleep; I would run to the ocean with only bare feet, Tapping toes on salted shores, in hopes my feet would meet yours. If only I could fly in my sleep, I would soar through the sky, two seagulls you and  I.
If perhaps my mouth would speak in my sleep, I would sing my song, then together we would be as one.
If only only I could wake from this endless night, I would paint brilliant rainbows to brighten our skies.
If my sleep would render my ears to listen; I would hear your heart and realize, I’m loved beyond reason.
If only my eyes would open in my sleep, my sun would rise, so I could see. With love revealed, it would be my guide; expelling the darkness and all of the lies.
Surrounded forever by endless blue skies.
Oh my love, just believe; wake up with me and take my hand,
We’ll walk together Bare feet in the sand;  Knowing always we’re ment to be,  sole mates surfing upon the oceans sea.
{By 196446300468086Dawna Bowles [(C)2013]}