I Want…


I want to run
I want to scream
I want to tear down these
Dammed iron walls
My mouth frozen
Bitter secrets of my soul
Yet the need is extreme
And painfully old
This woman steals my innocence
She steals my eyes without consent
A nightmare captured
In her wicked schemes
A part of me hates her
A part of me dreams
Then I realize she protects me
A  camouflage a shield
Her voice commands
I hide behind her strength
I’m a frightened little girl
I pretend that everything’s okay
The only thing that i know that’s real
Is the sadness that I feel
I know the clouds inside my eyes
Will eventually go away
Peace just peace sought to no avail
A sightless visionary contemplating

The destiny of her eyes

The only thing to be authentic

are the clouds in my skies

That is the only place

That my love soars


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