Sir Ken Robinson is my FAVORITE speakers in the world

These videos brought to us by way of, Rethinking Life, are a must see!
Information we all need in order to change our world. It’s positive, truthful, and educational! Not the education we were raised in, but a perspective through an artisans point of view. A freedom of thought, action and renewed hope!
[Rethinking life out side of the box]

“No pun intended, Rethinking Life.”
Lol, lol!

Rethinking Life

This is an excellent talk about “How schools kill creativity.”  He’s so funny and brilliant.  Take a few mints to check him out.  I think he is one of the most, if not THE most, watched speakers on TED.  I love him.  🙂

Ken Robinson
How schools kill creativity
Posted Jun 2006

He has other talks as well.  He is on the cutting edge of education and if you think sending your kids to college will get them where they want to go you need to listen to this lecture.

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