The book, “Return to Love,” by Marianne Williamson, has profoundly influenced my life. It’s changed my entire perspective on religion vs.spirituality.
If anyone is struggling with religion  this book will help improve their tolerance and love, for not only themselves, which is first foremost of importance, but their view of the entire world.
The importance for taking responsibility to enhance our own spiritually is the key to living a fulfilling life. We can retire from blaming religion for our lack of unwillingness to learn how we can, “return to love.”
Dawna Bowles


Here are a few excerpts from the book,

1.) Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of Heaven. Fear in your mind produces fear in your life. This is the meaning of hell.

2.) “…a miracles is a reasonable thing to ask for.”

3.) “Do what you love.
Do what makes your heart sing.
And NEVER do it for the money,
Go to work to spread joy.”

5.) “When infants aren’t held, they can become sick, even die. It’s universally accepted that children need love, but at what age are people supposed to stop needing it? We never do. We need love in order to live happily, as much as we need oxygen in order to live at all.”

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”


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