New Life…


As I open the door that I had closed long ago

Regret remorse and bitter sadness burn like acid deep into my soul

War raged for many years

I fainted for lack of hope

I was conquered by the darkness

A Prisoner of whom I did not know

My fight was fought in vain

Awakened by a moment of clarity

While lying in the rain

Only to find a space in time

That was no longer mine

Consumed in fear for knowledge

Of what I had become

Truth grabbed my heart with both fists tightening as I cried

What had happened to everything I knew

My light and truth had died

A blinding pain rebuked vision from my eyes

My spirit screamed at the sight of me

Demanding an answer as to why

I knew at that moment that light had left my side

As I mourned and loathed my very existence

Knowing I could no longer hide

A heart of stone softened by the tears that I cried

A warm breeze a caressing of hope

persuading me to forgive

And love myself again or maybe

For the first time…


By Dawna Bowles(C)9/2014

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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]

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