Why We Advocate for Street Art | Portland Street Art Alliance

I absolutely love this! Art is beautiful in any form.

PDX Street Art

Since the very beginning, we have scrawled on walls, marking the space we inhabit from the wild. For thousands of years Native American peoples gathered at the great meeting place, the Columbia River Gorge, to fish the bounty of salmon. Their rock art, mostly spiritual petroglyphs, can still be found there today. In 1867, early pioneers of the Willamette Valley chronicled their Oregon Trails on a hemlock stump.

In City of Portland, the earliest recorded example of ‘graffiti’ was the Lovejoy Columns, painted by Athanasios (Tom) Stefopoulos from 1948 to 1952. Stefopoulos, a Greek immigrant and a watchman for the SP&S Railroad Company, painted whimsical images of doves, owls, lions,  anthropomorphic trees, and Greek mythical gods on the overpass columns during idle times in the yards. Although this was technically illegal, his art was allowed to remain for decades.


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