I paint what I can’t express in words

I write what I can not paint

Drops of paint drip off my brush

As rain runs down my window

Blurring my perception

of what I think I see

My brush caresses with colors

In a memory of uncertainties

Upon an empty canvas

willing to be free

I now sit alone with thoughts

That have no place to go

They slam against my chest

Shooting pains into my heart

That take away my breath

Purging what I’ve hidden

Deep inside of me

unto a sarcastic template

Insisting words that I should see

Fonts in Braille as I tap reluctantly

I turn my head away

As a pianist’s fingers

Pounding chopsticks on the keys

So is my will to remember

My lost forgotten dreams

How did you know

Where to find me

I was lost so long ago

A confirmation that art

Wakes a sleeping soul



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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]

19 thoughts on “~Artist~4~Peace~

    • You can paint Stacilys, I thought the same thing three years ago. I was thinking one night how badly I wish I could express what I could not say. The thought came, “Dawna, the only way to find out if you can, is to try.” I tried and it worked. Just try, I know you can Stacilysโ˜บ

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    • Actually, my daughter left her acrylic paint and brushes when she left for college. I missed her so much that I picked up her brushes as to feel connected to her. I just start painting a beach scene at first. Top layer, sky, center water and bottom was sand. I was amazed before I was half way through. It just seems to become beautiful the more you believe. You will see and feel it. It’s like no other art. I just recently bought water color paint, paper and brushes. It’s not anything like acrylic or oils. I am having trouble feeling it for now. I started watching you tube videos.
      That would be a good idea to get you started with whatever type of painting you think you may like.
      Good luck Stacilys.
      I know you can do it just try.โ˜บ

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    • Thank you so much Dawna. You know, I was having my morning quiet time today, and as I was praying I had different images come up in my mind that would go great with poems I’ll write in the near future. Simple images, which is great for me, because I’m no pro at painting. I’m really looking forward to giving it a whirl.
      Thanks again for the encouragement.

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    • You’re so very welcome Stacilys. That’s a good idea. My photographs inspire me also. The last year I have been trying photography out. I haven’t been painting. And at times I look at a photograph and hear a poem. I’m inspired by many photos and paintings.
      I have to admit that your inquiry regarding painting has inspired me to paint this week. I’ll post when finished!

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