~We Need Change ~



Nothing changes if nothing changes.
I’m not sure if I can express what’s in my heart. All I know is that it feels like broken glass and it ripping me a-part.
A-part of me wants to be set free. Yet a part of me is afraid.

I read and search beyond the scenes, behind the stage where lies are practiced to deceive. A media without  consciousness, lusting for blood, death and power, for anyone who might interfere.

Many are willing to be sacrificial lambs. Eager to please, in exchange for popularity and exceptance. Willing to slay their own, for monetary gain. They sleep well, and moan in their secret dreams.

Many are unaware.  They are trapped, and are intimidated into sharing a feast with hungry wolves that duel upon their breast, and leave them feeling defiled.

Many know, as I, but do nothing to stop them. We write, read, paint, create, and photograph to excape. The ugliest truths that were ever told.

We read political propaganda, and know it’s a lie, as it eats like a cancer into our consciousness, and rapes our minds. Creating a great divide, between the truth, and the red tides of death that crush our hearts and silence our screams!

I hate how I feel! I just want to run as
long as it takes, to stop feeling, and knowing all that I do. It is so sorreal!

Why am I paralyzed?

Why are you?

Why do I wait for the slaughter?

Why do you?

When will I stand?

When will you?

When will I fight?

When will you?

When will we take back our land?

When it’s too late?

The time has come and…!

Very soon it will be gone…!


Wake up and take a stand!!!!

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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]

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