~The winter of my soul~


I was like water that froze in the blue of the winter

I was frozen so hard that I broke the ice upon the lake and shattered my reflection

Silenced by fear I ran to the throne of the mountain and screamed so loudly

It deafened the humans and the  animals hid in the cracks of the earth

I sat abandoned in the voice of my echo

Absent of vision the awareness  consumed

If I left this mountain I’ll end up in hell

Blinded I stumbled and eventually fell

Stunned that I had landed

Between mercy in love And the darkness of hell

In the hand of my Father

A ledge of the mountain

That was sculptured for me

I now sit where my vision is free

Knowing that not all we desire

Are we ready to receive


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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]

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