The Effects of Removing Prayer and the Bible From the Schools in 1962

Terrible mistake.

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation

The article published in the Examiner in September of this year discusses the effects that removing God from schools has had on America.  The evidence is overwhelming and the solution is clear; God, the Bible and prayer.

“Remember the quote from Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does”?

It is not Biblical but is sure displays the lack of wisdom of doing things that seems to make sense and not changing when the results are consistently bad. Persisting in behavior when all the facts show that you are wrong is the definition of irrationality.

Has anyone bothered to take inventory of removing prayer and the Bible as a standard for morality? Someone eloquently said the philosophy of the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next.

It is beyond a coincidence that every social indicator took a nose dive once prayer and the…

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