Parents Outraged With Oregon School Punishment of 6-year-old For Being Late…

Why would a school public humiliate a child for something his parents are responsible for? The child, under no circumstances, should ever be publicly humiliated! Let alone for something he had no power to change.
At the tender age of six how vulnerable do you think they are?
That school and the teachers should be ashamed! It’s sadistic and cruel!
“Learning is permanent!” remember?
Do you want to teach, or do you want to punish?

It just amazes me that the school and its staff are the first ones to suggest that we, as parents are unable to parent correctly.
Always insinuating that in fact we don’t measure up somehow.

When in reality they are the ones that are abusing our children and grandchildren.

if it was me, I would insist that the teacher, or teachers who are, or who have been responsible for this abuse, take their lunch breaks in the cafeteria with a cardboard in front of them so all the children can observe them being publicly humiliated, and of course, film it so the children can go home and watch them. Let the punishment fit the crime!