~Propaganda? Or Truth You Decide ~

I find it hard to believe this shooter decided on his own to start assassinating people by religions affiliations.

Reasons and suspicions:

1. Obama is infiltrating our country with so called “refugees,” and he needs a distraction.

2. He’s getting his ass kicked over Syria and needs a bigger story to distract Americans.

3. A phone call to activate a sleeper in a small Oregon town does the trick. It’s masked as gun violence and kills many birds with one stone.

a.) A smoke screen.

b.) His failed foreign policy.

c.) Another distraction while they infiltrate our country with so called, “refugees,”

And last but not least, an opportunity to pass more gun control laws!!

Can’t you see through this propaganda! ? Wake up people!

Our current communist regime which controls our lame-stream liberal media, always has a motive.

This is nothing more than propaganda used to brainwash and control just like Nazi Germany.

“Obama a psychopath and pathological lier is not capable of feeling any of the emotions, anger, frustration angst, sadness and being numb.

He can’t let this crisis go to waste…..

He speaks with all the bravado of a typical schoolyard bully, when he challenges the “NRA to bring it on.”

School yard bully’s get taken out as will Obama.

The Second Amendment is sacrosanct and will not be overturned because he lusts for it so.

One thing is certain, if Obama manages to challenge this at the Supreme Court and they fold again in favor of their “Boy.”

This will bring on Americas Second Revolutionary war, lead will fly and people will die because this government is not strong enough to take our guns.”

The National Journal

George E. Condon Jr.
October 2, 2015


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