2 thoughts on “~ KEEP OUT ~

  1. Thank you. Yes I agree with you. I feel a presence of pasttence. An undeniable feeling of its history, and stories untold that provoke me to wonder and imagine.
    I love aged buildings they seem to resemble humans for our bodies are as temples. We keep things in many rooms or if you will, memories, like hopes, secrets, love, faith, fears, etc….
    We only reveal what we what others to know as does this old building…

    Yes, I took the photograph in the evening of a cloudy day.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. There is something to old buildings and industrial architecture. It is a clear sign, letting us know that “people were here”.

    Did you take thus photo when it was dark? I like how the light gets more intense in the middle of the photo and less on the top!

    Great work!

    Kind regards,

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